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How to access Century

We’ve taken our unique approach to improving your English and maths skills and given it an upgrade. You’ll still have the regular guidance of our subject-expert tutors, but with the added assistance of Century – an artificial intelligence system designed for success and personalised to you.

For more information about Century and the modules that will be completed within English and maths lessons, please click here.

Getting Started

Step 1: Sign in to Canvas

The first thing you need to do is sign in to Canvas. When accessing Canvas from home you’ll need to log in using your college username and password.

Step 2: Find Century

Once you’re in Canvas, click on the ‘dashboard’ located on the left-hand side bar. Under this area you should see an icon called ‘GCSE English’ and/or ‘GCSE maths’ - click on the icon and then scroll down to find the quick link to your Century access page.     

Step 3: Access your modules 

Once you’ve been re-directed to Century, you should already be signed in to your account and able to access your nuggets. If this isn’t the case, click on the Office 365 icon and log in using your college username and password.

Step 4: Get to work

Now that you’re signed in to Century you can start your learning. Each week you will have one nugget assigned by your tutor and two by Century’s AI, the more time you spend on your learning the more Centruy can help you develop your skills.

Make sure to allow yourself an hour a week to complete your nuggets.

Step 5: Chat to your tutor

Check in with your personal GEM tutor regularly to ensure you’re on track and making good progress on Century. Don’t forget you can ask your tutor for a 1:1 session if you need a little extra help on a particular subject.

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