Independent CEIAG and Provider Access Statement

As part of the Careers Programme the College will provide students with access to independent and employer-led CEIAG.

Throughout the programme each year there will be at least two encounters for this activity. To discuss these opportunities providers should contact the Careers Leads, as listed on the College’s website.

Providers are welcome to leave a copy of their prospectus or other relevant course literature with the College. Literature should be addressed to the Head of Careers Education.

Approved by Date

College Leadership Group November 2022

  • To provide individuals with transparent information regarding CEIAG services and course-based support at induction and at timely intervals throughout the academic year

  • To ensure individuals understand the range of career routes open to them and how to access the information they need to make informed choices

  • To promote information that is inclusive, recognises and promotes equality and diversity, challenges stereotypes and is sensitive to faith, culture and background in line with Equality Action (2010)

  • To provide a clear focus on the development of employability skills as well as experience and qualifications, including opportunities for developing entrepreneurial skills for self-employment

  • To work with independent careers organisations to provide external CEIAG to students and to provide input into the national requirement for services measured against the Gatsby Benchmarks

  • To enable students to identify their skills, qualities and goals, and to develop a planned progression route

  • To provide students with access to knowledge and skills development via the College’s Bravura activities in line with their intended destinations (industry masterclasses; on-the-job training, industry placements, internships, supported internships, site visits, UCAS events, university visits, volunteering, subject knowledge extension, English and Maths)


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