At West Herts College, our Personal Development programme is all about developing you on a professional and personal basis to help prepare you for life and work.

Enhancing your College experience

Every year a full programme of activities is planned to add to your College experience. These include:

  • Cultural awareness workshops
  • Health and social awareness activities
  • Charity events
  • Guest speakers and masterclasses
  • Understanding how to build and maintain healthy relationships
  • Mental health workshops
  • Sport and fitness opportunities through local organisations
  • Workshops and drop-in sessions to help you improve your CV and interview skills

Have your say

Senior managers and governors regularly meet with student representatives from across the College to discuss important ideas. We pride ourselves on listening to our students, so make the most of these opportunities to have your say.

Boost your CV and university application

College activities allow you to meet lots of people from many different courses and have the chance to make a difference to College life. This looks great on your CV or personal statements, giving you stories to tell about teamwork, leadership and communication skills.