We’ve collaborated with the best employer partners in each industry to find out what skills their recruits need. Then we created tailored skills plans to give you those skills. Sounds simple? It is.

But you’ll only get these in demand skills as part of Project Bravura. Bravura means ‘great technical skill and brilliance’.

Be career ready with Project Bravura

You’ll have your own skills plan bespoke to your personal ambitions and planned next steps. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Map out your future with a tailored skills plan
  • Get real-world experience with the best employer partners
  • Take masterclasses with the biggest names in your sector
  • Learn how to sell yourself with life briefs straight from industry
  • Boost the English and Maths skills you need for your career

No matter which career you want, Project Bravura is for you. Take the plunge on a lifeguard qualification for a future in fitness and leisure. Study a diagnostics course to become a cybersecurity expert — ideal for future developers and coders. Boost your confidence with a public speaking masterclass - key for careers that require a solid pitch and sales techniques. 

What else?

Completing Project Bravura doesn’t just improve your skills. It also gives you the edge over other candidates when you go head-to-head in a job interview. (And it looks great on your personal statement for uni, too).

Project Bravura is unique to West Herts College — so you won’t find a skills-first career plan like this anywhere else.

Ready to join Project Bravura? Find your dream course at WHC.