Our approach to meeting skills needs of employers

To perform the jobs employers will require over the coming years, England’s workforce will have to increase levels of skills and knowledge in a range of areas. Even to meet current employer demand, there is a requirement for many workers to re-train or upskill.

Businesses continually report a shortage of skills and the availability of workers. Industries with the highest percentage of businesses experiencing pressing skills issues and which are likely to continue into the long-term include, Manufacturing, Engineering, Hospitality, Wholesale & Retail, Health & Social Care, Construction, Education, Digital, Finance and Business, and Logistics.

At West Herts College, we're embracing our responsiblity of preparing students with the skills required for work. Our approach is to collaborate directly with employers across the region to understand their needs and identify how we can adapt our curriculum to ensure that students have the skills that are needed most.

As part of our approach, we've developed 'Project Bravura', a programme that puts skills development and employer feedback at the heart of our curriculum. Helping students to understand the expectations of employers and ensure that the technical skills that are required for work are embedded within our teaching.

To ensure we're focusing our efforts on the right skills, we need the support of employers to tell us what skills they value most in new recruits. Together we can ensure that students are acheiving the definition of 'bravura' - technical skill and brilliance. 

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