IT user
support technicians


IT user support technicians are responsible for providing technical support, advice and guidance for internal/external users of IT systems and applications, either directly or by telephone, e-mail or other network interaction.


provides technical support to IT users advises users on how to resolve hardware and software problems installs and upgrades hardware, cables, operating systems and/or appropriate software facilitates user access to systems refers more complex or intractable problems to appropriate IT professionals researches possible solutions in user guides, technical manuals and other documents maintains a log of work in progress, calls received, actions taken and problems detected reports on commonly occurring queries to detect underlying problems.

Educational Requirements

Entry is possible with a variety of academic qualifications and/or relevant experience. Entrants typically possess GCSEs/S grades and A levels/H grades together with appropriate NVQ/SVQ (Levels 2, 3 or 4) or an equivalent vocational qualification. Some employers may demand a relevant degree. Training is provided off- and on-the-job supplemented by specialised courses. Postgraduate and professional qualifications and apprenticeships in some areas are available.