Meet Tom, a Music Production student who has turned his BTEC qualifacation into a promising career as a Freelance Sound Engineer 


Meet TTom Stammers Face Photoom Stammers, Tom studied Creative Music Technology at West Herts College from Level 3 to Level 5.

In secondary school, Tom had developed an interest in music, particularly in the technology and production aspects. Discovering the Level 3 Creative Music Technology course online, he realised it was a perfect fit for his ambitions.

Tom maximised his time at college by taking advantage of the wide range of industry standard equipment that is available for students to use: “The tutors provided excellent support throughout the whole course, and all had extensive knowledge of the music industry which focussed studies on skills that are most relevant for jobs.”

Tom developed his live sound engineering skills, including technique and communication. Whilst studying, he continues to develop these skills as a Sound Engineer and more recently at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch for a show organised by BBC Radio 1 DJ Nels Hylton as part of his series of live music shows titled ‘Upgrade’.

Currently, Tom works as a Sound Engineer at a live music venue in St Albans and freelances for other venues in Hertfordshire and London. The college helped Tom prepare for this by supporting him to run events in the venues around Watford, making a smooth transition to working commercial live music events. He also worked as a music producer, utilising skills that he leaned from the college, including a standout opportunity working with the BBC on their ‘Introducing’ series, recorded at West Herts College.

Tom advises taking every opportunity to work because most of the time it will lead to more work and making important contacts. “Being thrown into the deep end of work can be good as it encourages you to work quickly and make decisions on the spot”.