Meet Thomas, a Music Production student who has turned his BTEC qualifacation into a promising career as a Freelance Audio Engineer 


Thomas McquaidThomas studied at West Herts College on Level 3 Music Technology, he then continued his studies and enrolled on the HND in Music.

Thomas enjoyed how varied studying music was and having access to professional equipment. He discovered the importance of teamwork in music industry, learning how to interact with others. Being able to meet others and work with them effectively is so important in the music industry, and Thomas had many opportunities to enhance his network whilst studying at West Herts College.

Thomas now works as freelance Audio Engineer, currently, he serves as an Assistant Engineer at a mix studio in London that specialises in immersive audio. Thomas is extensively involved in live sound work, including running sound at a stage at Black Deer Festival in Kent. He also works at the Hard Rock Hotel in Marble Arch, mixing their live events. He says: “College really helped because of how varied the course is, we got the chance to try a bit of everything at college, so now that I’m working freelance I feel pretty comfortable taking on most work that I come across.”

Thomas reflects that the hardest part is getting started: “The music industry is tricky to get into, but once people realise that you show up, get the job done, and are a decent person to be around, more and more opportunities start to show up, and jobs snowball from there!”