The 2nd Year Interior Design and Architecture students recently created designs and 3D models, focussed on improving the parks and open spaces in Watford.

The Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor, attended the college to view their designs and select a winner. He said “The students' designs really show their incredible talent. I was very impressed by their creativity and skill, particularly in landscaping. It is so important that we consider ideas put forward by the local community so that our parks and open spaces are the best that they can be.”

Alan Smallwood, Interior Design and Architecture Course Leader, said “Participating in real-life projects, such as this collaboration with the Watford Borough Council, prove invaluable for our interior design and architecture students. These experiences extend beyond the curriculum, offering hands-on learning opportunities that sharpen their skills, instil a profound understanding of community needs, and empower them to become proactive contributors in shaping a better, more sustainable future for urban environments."

Graham Hall, a student who participated in the project, said “Designing for Watford's Open Space project honed my real-world skills. Balancing creativity within constraints, crafting a serene area, and collaborating with stakeholders shaped my community-focused mindset. It's more than designs—it's about creating meaningful spaces."

After viewing all of the designs, Peter selected Swan Gajanayake’s piece as the winning design. Swan said “I’m very happy to have won the project and I’m very excited to pursue a career in architecture”.

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