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Women in I.T

The girls in our BTEC Level 3 Information Technology have been busy learning how to deconstruct and reconstruct a desktop computer and its core components.

The session focused heavily on promoting female participation in IT and the related industries, with the hope of increasing diversity within the course and the sector.

When asked “what it is like to be female in IT?” the group responded positively, saying: “It’s enjoyable and fun”, “It’s not really different, it’s definitely a level playing field”, and “It's a great career path, I feel that I have the same opportunities as everyone else”

The attendees also praised the college for “offering courses that are not available in schools”, “supporting students throughout the year, allowing later starters to catch up and succeed” and “provided more hands-on practice and therefore more confidence”.

This is the perfect course for those who want to develop their practical skills and understanding of IT in order to build the foundations. Yet it also provides you the opportunity to specialise in chosen areas later on in your studies.

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