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Tomorrow’s Engineers

By George O'Dell, Level 3 Journalism student

Young people from across the area came together at our Kings Langley campus on Friday 7 November to promote the variety of careers available in engineering.

Thirty students from Parmiter’s School took part in an engineering workshop to mark the beginning of the ‘Tomorrow’s Engineers’ initiative.

The initiative aims to breaking the common stereotypes surrounding a career in engineering. The College, in partnership with Imagination, a computer CPU development company also based in Home Park Mill, Kings Langley, pitched the many different sectors of engineering to the school children and showed them how they can gain work experience from the company over the Christmas holidays.

The secondary school students were split up into two groups in which they got hands on with electrical equipment, making various household games and even a light-probe which checks for electrical currents using a biro pen. Assisting them were two groups made up of our Level 3 Motor Vehicle Engineering students.

James Field, a teacher at Parmiter's, said: "One thing our school in particular is lacking is practical involvement in the community”

“Opportunities like this actually give the kids an idea of what engineering is. Most of them think its just getting underneath a car and replacing a few pipes when it's actually nothing like that”.

“I've been teaching D&T for 15 years and only in the last three have we realised there's a big need for engineers in the country, so lets embrace it”

Parmiter's student Dominic, aged 12 said: “It's a new experience and I'm enjoying it a lot.”

Student Georgia, aged 14, said: “Today I've learnt that engineering isn't just for guys, girls can get involved to.”

There was a real sense of community spirit as the day progressed and students will no doubt be inspired to think differently about engineering when it comes to choosing their GCSE options in the spring.

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