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Supported Internships: Testimonials

We’ve worked with a range of different companies watch our video and read our testimonials below to hear what our students and employers have to say about Supported Internships.












Reece Ellis doesn’t read or write but his life skills mean he can follow and remember symbols.

This is an ability he’s put to good use at McDonalds where he can use the touchscreen menu to direct customers to meals. Reece’s customer service skills have also developed and he’s been offered paid employment after his internship.

Reece Ellis said: ‘I’m more confident using the bus now and at work I enjoy talking to customers and staff. This has been a great thing to do.’


Abbots (UK) Ltd

George Down and Steve Broadbent started their internships two years ago, working in the warehouse and helping to manufacture the specialist pipe fittings produced by this engineering firm.

It’s an environment which has done much to develop their literacy and numeracy, with George and Steve now able to use these skills to complete tasks at work.

Marion Barling Cheif Executive Abbots (UK) Ltd said: ‘We’ve recruited Steve to the manufacturing side of the business, where he’s become an essential member of the team. George has also done exceptionally well but, sadly for us, he’s just been accepted to join the Armed Forces. Best of luck to both lads – we’re so proud of them!’


Zeba Hair and Beauty

Farzana Ullah has grown into her role at this independent hairdressers, overcoming shyness to start working in a customer service role before training in treatments for women including hair-braiding, facials and manicures.

Farzana Ullah said: ‘Work experience gets easier every day. It was scary at first but now I’m really happy. I answer the phone and speak to lots of different people. Great customer service is really important!’

Zara Salon Owner Zeba Hair and Beauty: ‘It’s amazing how far this hardworking and endearing young person has come. It’s a pleasure to have Farzana with us in our busy salon. Our clients really like her.’


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