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Students perform first gig at Watford Colosseum

A duet of West Herts College students performed their very first gig together at the Watford Colosseum on Saturday night’s Lobby Live event.

Level 2 Music Practice / Music Technology students Sarah O’Connell and Jamie Hance performed on Lobby Live, an event platform for local musicians to showcase their talent to audiences in the Colosseum.

Sarah O’Connell said: “As soon as we got up there, everyone’s eyes were on us and I could tell they were engaging with the mood of the music.

“At first I was really nervous on my way to the Colosseum but as soon as we had a sound test together I started to relax and feel more comfortable.

“We’ve got gigs planned at the Flag and the Horns after Easter so we’re getting more practice in.”   











Sarah and Jamie’s performance was registered as a GAP experience. GAP is West Herts College’s sector-leading work experience programme, where students team up with local employers to develop their transferable workplace skills and help them get ready for the world of work.

Jamie Hance said: “It went really well – much better than I expected because we hadn’t performed in front of a big audience before. We got a great reception from the audience at the end so we were chuffed with that.”

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Sarah and Jamie performing.