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Students form TV production group

West Herts College students have formed ‘Blindfold Film Productions’ to produce video content for the local community and broaden their portfolios.

Our Foundation Degree Media Production students have been shooting promotional videos for the South Oxhey Choir in order to raise their profile.

Steve Pickering, member of the South Oxhey Choir, said: “The students have been amazing. They’ve taken the time to understand the needs of South Oxhey Choir and have filmed as discreetly as possible.

“Working with a group of students with very little client experience takes a leap of faith, but I am pleased to say that they have acted very professionally, making adjustments along the way to achieve agreed objectives.

“This has been a learning curve for both the students and the Choir. I would recommend other organisations to approach West Herts College work-based learning as there is a wealth of talent and potential to be explored.”












Blindfold Film Productions.

Elliot Wood, team member of Blindfold Film Productions, said: “When the Choir first approached us, we were very grateful but a little nervous. When they explained they wanted to attract a younger audience, we went away and brainstormed for hours to come up with different ideas and they loved them.

“It was such a good learning curve to start off with the South Oxhey Choir because they were very understanding as it a new experience for them as well. This has given us the confidence to approach other companies. We started off small but now we’re building as a registered company.”

Blindfold Film Productions have also been working with Citrus Television, filming a teaser clip for their comedy TV show ‘Copy Cooks’. The students filmed this in the professional kitchens at our Watford campus.

Dominic Brigstocke, Director of Citrus Television, said: “The students were extremely enthusiastic and competent in all respects. They independently organised themselves into camera and sound teams, set up the equipment and prepared to shoot with extreme professionalism and a calm confidence.

“They demonstrated good familiarity with the operation of all their equipment and adapted well to sudden changes of plan with great good humour and were adaptable when things went wrong, showing great presence of mind and ingenuity in solving problems.”

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