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Student visits game developer Splash Damage

Art for Digital Media student Callum Hicks, was recently lucky enough to visit to the headquarters of game developer Splash Damage.

Splash Damage, who are responsible for games including Enemy Territory, Rad Soldiers, Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer, Brink and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, are currently working on free-to-play multiplayer game Dirty Bomb.

Callum was invited along by Splash Damage’s game developers who were on hand to guide him on a tour around the company, talking him through the different processes and demonstrating their products. Callum was also able to meet the artists behind the games and also had the opportunity to playtest with some of the Dirty Bomb team.

Callum said: “It showed me how important research is within the industry, and how important it is to make sure all of their models are correct.”


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