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Skillmakers is a free to use online platform focused on connecting businesses to local skills in the Watford and Hertfordshire area. By helping companies find local solutions to training, recruitment and corporate social responsibility, Skillmakers lets businesses move forward whilst benefitting neighbouring communities.

Skillmakers is a collaboration of West Herts College, Oaklands College and Watford Borough Council that provides companies with advice and information which acts as a crucial link and can make the difference in terms of a business’s success.

 All successful businesses have staff who are skilled in what they do. Skillmakers recognises this and ensures that companies have the opportunity to train either new or existing staff to help boost their skillset. By providing businesses with local knowledge, Skillmakers helps employers find the candidate's best suited to the available jobs who can then be recruited.

 In addition, Skillmakers has a wider concern for the community and as a result, they help companies get involved in charity and community projects which is guaranteed to raise the profile of any business.

 To learn more about skillmakers, visit the website here.

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