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Record Store Day 2018

On Saturday 21 April our Music students played a number of live gigs at a variety of locations across Watford including, The LP Café, the Watford Museum, The Flag and The Horns, as well as an outdoor stage on Watford high street. The performances took place for Record Store Day 2018, where over 200 independent record shops across the UK came together to celebrate their unique culture.

It was a wonderful day and there was a great turnout. A number of West Herts College student bands performed including, Space Antics at the Horns and Lyoness at the Watford Museum.

Our Level 3 Photography students set up a display in the Watford Museum on the day, where they reimagined vinyl artworks of famous groups including, The Who, Oasis and Pink Floyd.

Steph Carter, West Herts College’s Music course leader, was delighted with the students’ performances. He said: “Over the last few years we have seen the event grow from strength to strength. This year we had 50 bands play across six venues.  The College was instrumental in the development and planning of this year’s events with both HND Music students and Production Arts students taking on organisation roles and Music Practice students performing throughout the day.”

“Plans are already in place for next year’s event which is looking to be even bigger!”

Paul Terris, manager of The LP Café, was pleased with the event: "For this year’s Record Store Day we set out to demonstrate that the role of a record shop in the community goes beyond the supply of vinyl.  It was a delight to see Watford's musicians, performers, students and entrepreneurs work together to coordinate the biggest multi-venue event to happen in Watford's recent history."

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