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Quick-fire interview with Level 3 Photography student, Millie Hudson

Millie Hudson is one of our Level 3 Photography students, who has just completed the last year of her course. She has been with us for two years and we recently caught up with her to find out a little more about her thoughts on Photography, West Herts College and her experience of photographing Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes at their recent Watford Colosseum gig.

The event was organised by Music course leader Steph Carter and supported by college sponsor Shure Audio. It included masterclasses and a performance by Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, which a number of our students attended.

What was your experience like photographing Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes?

It was such a great opportunity shooting Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes. I've been used to shooting smaller shows so having the chance to shoot at Watford Colosseum is an honour and something I'd love to do more of in the future. I shot some of my favourite images ever at the Colosseum and after the event I knew in my mind that Photography is what I want to do in the future. It was a really special evening.

What advice would you give to other students hoping to photograph live music events and bands?

I suggest starting small - shooting local bands or musicians from the College. From there you can build up a portfolio which is really important. But as cliché as it is, just remember to enjoy yourself and be confident. If you have a positive mindset whilst shooting, your images will be of a much higher quality!

How would you describe your style of work? What type of photography do you enjoy most?

My work focuses on music photography and portraiture mainly. I aim to create timeless, yet meaningful images which present musicians lost within the moment onstage. This is important to me because I am a huge music fan myself, so being able to capture these moments is really rewarding. In the future my aim is to become a full time music photographer and I hope to tour with bands and artists. 

Do you have any photographic influences?

I have many influencers for my work, the few who have inspired me the most are Tom Pullen, Josh Shinner and Mike Lee Thomas. Josh and Mike have both worked with and are good friends of my favourite band ‘Oh Wonder’. I had the opportunity to interview Mike in my first year of college and he has been incredibly helpful and has inspired me to get my work out there.

What did you learn during your time at West Herts College?

I’ve learnt a variety of post-production techniques and I’ve improved my practical skills. My confidence in my own work and my ability to compose images has grown massively. This course has also given me huge scope for experimentation, which has helped me discover my own style of photography. It has given me a chance to explore different camera formats as well as dark room processing which I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.

What are you progressing on to do after college?

Now that college has finished I plan on continuing to shoot musicians whilst building connections within the industry. I'm taking a year out from education to work on my portfolio and I plan to work with more photographers. I also have the option to go to university in the future if I want to further my education.

It was great to talk to Millie and we wish her all the best for the future!

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