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Public Services tutor speaks about his industry experience

Harry Smith, Public Services tutor, spoke to us recently about his industry experience with the British Army and how it inspired him to teach young people.

Harry worked for the British Army as a combat medical technician (CMT), which is a soldier with a special military trade within the Royal Army Medical Corps. A fully trained combat medical technician is able to assist with the management of surgical, medical and psychiatric casualties, for their comrades as well as enemy forces and civilians. In order to become a CMT, Harry was required to have be at both peak mental and physical fitness. He needed to have an A*-C GCSE in both English and maths, as well as being able to run a mile and a half in under ten minutes, 44 press-ups in two minutes and 50 sit-ups in two minutes. According to Harry, he was a “soldier first and a medic second” on two tours of duty in Afghanistan, and was the first member of his family to join the military. He said: “Army life is full of young people that become your friends, and motivated leaders. There’s a lot on offer and you can now get qualifications and specialist whilst you’re there.”

Harry left the army to go to university and obtain a degree in education, which he then used to get the job as a Public Services tutor at West Herts College. He hopes to be able to pass his experience on to his students and encourage them to consider a career in the British Army, saying that he feels “prouder and more confident” after his two tours. He said: “For anyone considering a career in the army, I’d tell them to make sure they’re at their peak fitness, and to always train harder than what they think they should be doing. The army encourages people to be their own character, but be prepared to listen and do what you’re told.”

His passion for the military environment has led him to enlist in the Reserves; his reasons for re-enlisting being that he misses the challenges and the environment, and the feeling of helping people who are dependent on him.

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