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Professional Cookery Students Serve Up Christmas Lunch

Level 1 Professional Cookery students prepared and served a three course Christmas lunch for visitors from the Victoria House Day Centre. 

At the Restaurant in Watford campus the festivities began for the people attending the day centre, which provides care for people who live with short term memory loss and dementia. Nirmala Singhvi, MBE who manages the centre, said “we have had the best day ever today and are very grateful for the lovely meal. The College provided the perfect space to accommodate our needs within a spacious and accessible environment.”

The students divided into two groups, one in the kitchen preparing the food and the other serving and attending to guests. The experience was enjoyed by all and student Kaitlyn Wood said: “This is a fantastic experience for the students and an opportunity to learn about how to manage a larger group of people in the restaurant and a great way to learn how to offer excellent customer service even when the restaurant is very full.”

Head of School Andy Wakeford, who was present throughout the lunch between the kitchen and the tables, said that the lunch provided great experience for his students working with a large group of diners.

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