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'Photo of the Month' award

West Herts College photography students are competing against each other every month, to land the ‘Photo of the Month’ award! This accolade has recently been introduced to give students additional recognition for their outstanding work.

Photo of the Month - February winner

Millie Hudson

“I took this photograph at the Olympic Park in my spare time. Whilst shooting, I had to consider the composition and the angle I was aiming for which took me many attempts. I laid on the floor to be able to present a different perspective of Stratford, which not many people see - the main focus being daffodils, whilst losing the main structure The Orbit, in the large depth of field I created from using a low aperture. Capturing perspectives other people don’t typically see is what I enjoy as it gives life a different viewpoint and shows there is beauty in everyday things.”




Photo of the Month – January winner

Morgan Chaves

“This shot was somewhat spontaneous compared to my other work. Originally for my project I was shooting a friend as part of my Unit 12 coursework. As we were shooting, Charles (the model) walked past and was interested in the film cameras and equipment that we were using. Being familiar with the works of both Brandon Stanton’s “Humans of New York” and Henri Cartier-Bresson’s “Decisive Moment” I saw this as an opportune moment to take a shot.  As these bodies of work taught me that more often than not, it is the photos which are unplanned that have a much deeper impact.”




Photo of the Month – December winner

Filip Skiba

“Before taking the photograph, I gave the model my jacket to wear, as it’s long I asked her to add movement to the frame with the bottom-half by swaying side to side. I also asked her to move her hair as I felt it would match the flow of the jacket. When I was composing the frame I tried to capture some leading lines. During the post production, I got rid of anything that I felt was distracting. Within light room I colour graded the image, I was editing in RAW and stripped all the colours apart from the reds, orange and magenta. This allowed me to keep the darker colours and gave me the black effect.”




Students: To enter March’s ‘Photo of the Month’ competition, please send your images to

Winners will be chosen by a panel of Photography tutors and prizes include two rolls of B&W film and 8x10 darkroom paper.