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Our Travel students visit the Emirates Aviation Experience in Greenwich

The Emirates Aviation Experience is the first of its kind globally. This unique experience provided students with an insight into the world of modern commercial aviation and the opportunity to take to the skies in a flight simulator.

Students took part in a number of activities including…

Students experienced the pressure of working on the ramp as a dispatcher and identified the constraints when servicing an A380 for a full flight from Dubai international airport.

They also had the opportunity to interact with current cabin crew and discovered what it means to work for Emirates. They were shown how to reach their full potential at interview and were given some helpful hints and tips in securing jobs as cabin crew!

Take a look at our students in action.. 


































Career Success
Nadine Jenkins, a former student at West Herts College now works for Emirates Airlines.

Nadine spoke highly of her job, saying: “People do say it’s hard and intense, and yes it is, but I’ve enjoyed myself. I now have a lot of knowledge of aircraft, and it’s been so interesting getting to know things. You make so many friends from all over the world here. If anyone from West Herts is thinking about becoming cabin crew, I would definitely recommend doing it!”

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Students complete their wet drills training!

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