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Our Tips for Online Study







Identify your best time to work, is it first thing in the morning or later in the day?










Just because you’re learning from home, doesn’t mean your classroom presence has to suffer! Keep contributing in class calls, so your tutors know you turned up.











Making a list will help keep you organised, productive and on task.














If possible, set up a study space separate to where you sleep, keep your bedroom as a place to relax.









Keep remote working fun by doing it with friends! Studying in a group can help keep you motivated.











Get the most of your online classes by going into them fully prepared.

















There are so many ways to chat to each other online, Make sure you're checking in with all your friends and loved ones.







Being truly productive means giving yourself breaks too! We can only work efficiently for certain lengths of time, as our brain needs the time to recharge.










Facial expressions and the tone of your voice have a big impact on the way your words are received. That's why it's extra important to be as clear as you can when communicating online.









Get yourself in the mood to be productive with some good tunes! If you find you work better with some background noise, make a playlist to keep you focused.


Getting the most out of online learning

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