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Our guide to Clearing


At West Herts College we know that students have been working hard on their studies this year. Clearing is an opportunity for you to find a place at university. We still have spaces available. If you’re thinking about applying to West Herts College through Clearing, we have a variety of courses that may interest you. Click here to explore our degree-level courses or call us directly on 01923 812 345.

What is Clearing?

Clearing is a service you can use to find HE courses with available spaces for courses starting this year.

When is Clearing 2022?

Clearing is available from 5 July to 18 October. You can use it from 5 July if you already have your exams results but no offers, and from A -Level results day, Thursday 18 August, if you had conditional offers but your exam results didn’t go to plan.

Who can use Clearing?

You can use Clearing if you fall into any of these categories: 
• You're applying after 30 June 2022
• You didn't receive any offers (or none you wanted to accept)
• You didn't meet the conditions of your firm or insurance choices
• You've changed your mind about your university or course

• You've paid the multiple choice application fee of £26.50
• You've declined your firm place using the 'decline my place' button in your application

BTEC, international or mature students can also apply via Clearing. Clearing is open to any student who wants to apply to a university, regardless of what qualifications they're currently studying.






How many courses can you apply for in Clearing?

You are permitted one university Clearing place at a time. Once a choice has been selected, you cannot add another, unless you’ve been unsuccessful with the first one. It is very important to do your research and take some time when making your decision.

Click here to discover our degree-level courses today.

What do I do if I do not have have a UCAS application?

If you haven’t already applied, do not worry, you can do so on the UCAS website. You will need to complete the application as normal, but won’t be able to add course choices. Once you’ve submitted your application you’ll receive a welcome email with your Clearing Number.

You’ll know you’re in Clearing if your Track status says ‘You are in Clearing’ or ‘Clearing has started’. You can use the UCAS website to search for courses, or you can get in touch with us directly on 01923 812345 to find out your best options and what courses we have available.

How do I add or reply to a Clearing choice?

Go to the ‘Your choices’ section of your application and click 'Add Clearing choice.’ Then enter the details of the course.

You should only add a Clearing choice if you’ve been given permission by West Herts College.

You don’t need to reply to a Clearing offer. Once you add the choice, it’s then up to us to confirm your place in your application. This counts as you definitely accepting the offer, so once we confirm we are happy to offer you a place it’ll show up as an acceptance on the choices page of Track and UCAS will also send you a confirmation letter.

What do I do if I have an offer I would like to reject?

From 5 July, if you are holding a firm unconditional place, you can release yourself into Clearing, by using the ‘Decline your place’ button in your application. This function will be available until 7 September 2022.

You do not need to contact your university or college in order to be released into clearing. Instead, you have the power to do this yourselves. The process of online self-release is simple, although it does include a number of warnings to ensure applicants understand the decision they are making, which are as follows:

• Sign into Track, click the ‘Decline my place’ button
• You are then taken to a page which will explain the decision you are making, before confirming this decision
• Finally, you will receive an email confirming you have entered clearing

For more information regarding online self-release you can visit the UCAS website here, or check out this video:







If you have any questions about the clearing process or the courses we offer, you can contact us directly on 01923 812345.

If you’re thinking about applying to West Herts College through clearing, we have a variety of courses that may interest you. Click here to explore our courses.

For further information on Clearing visit the UCAS website.