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NHS look to recruit WHC students

Three representatives from the NHS Trust spoke to just over 100 students about their recruitment process and benefits for their employees. Students gathered on the first floor of Kings Langley campus and listened intently to the talk, where speakers explained that hospitals require staff in all areas, including mechanical, electrical and building trades – not just medical. After the presentation, students were invited to ask questions about working with NHS Trust.

Tony McNamara, Mechanical Estates Officer at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “The purpose of our visit today was to look at potential recruits. We are looking for local staff to fill vacancies, so this will benefit us as well as the students. I did my apprenticeship with the NHS and have now been with the organisation for 32 years. The training opportunities available is fantastic and that’s what I came in today to talk about. The students seem very interested and keen, which is great to see.”

Paddy Hennessey, Head of Engineering, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “We’re currently going through a restructure of our departments and we’ve identified that we need mechanical, electrical and construction so that we can deliver the service so that the hospital runs efficiently. We’re looking for young people who are keen, enthusiastic and skilled – fresh and still at college. I’m really impressed with the facilities at West Herts College, much more advanced than where I studied. The students were very bright and confident coming forward and asking lots of questions.”


Mandy Brennan, HR Manager at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “I’m here supporting our estates team by promoting vacancies that need to be filled. We came in and spoke to the students to reach a different audience – young people with brand new skills. It’s been really good to build this relationship with West Herts College and it’s very important to speak to young people. A lot of people only associate NHS with medical staff, but there’s so much more areas such as plumbing, electrical and building trades. I’m very thankful to the College with supporting us. Going forward this relationship will be beneficial for both sides.”

West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust will be back on campus speaking to students at the College’s recruitment event in May.