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New student photography

Our Level 3 Photography students are exhibiting striking new photography at our Watford campus. The photos were taken during a one-day workshop where students explored the 2D and 3D elements of their course.

The students spent much of the day preparing the sculptures. Firstly, they shot portraits of each other and printed out the images. Next, they cut up the images and separated out the different facial features. They then moulded a wire mesh head on to which they stuck a variety of the print-out facial features.

Once completed, the 3D sculptures were photographed, creating the 2D outcomes which can now be seen in The Street.

Level 3 Photography student Jade Rodriguez, said: “I found it interesting as we were given the opportunity to make something with our hands, it was exciting and different from the work we usually do.”

“I didn’t know how it was going to turn out, however I was really happy with the final product.”

Photography tutor Phil Hill also commented on the project: “This was a new part of an assignment exploring 2D and 3D imagery within photography. The results they created are really successful and continue to evoke a great response from anyone who views them.”

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