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Mock Airport Aviation Event

Our Level 3 Aviation students hosted a travel event for Foundation Studies students, where they set up a mock airport at our Watford campus. For the event, a plane - along with check-in and passport control desks were assembled.

The event gave our Aviation students experience with looking after disabled customers and catering for their needs, just as they would have to in a real airport. Both sets of students found it thoroughly enjoyable.

Aviation student, Jack White, said: “It was a great opportunity for everyone! The Foundation Studies students learnt about the processes involved in the running of an airport whilst we gained a deeper understanding about the differing needs of airline passengers.”

Ahead of catching their flight, Foundation Studies students had to present all the necessary documentation and pass through security before boarding.

Three flights took place throughout the day flying to Miami, Madrid and Los Angeles. All of our students acted professionally and stayed in character throughout. The cabin crew were very attentive and dealt with any queries immediately.

Aviation tutor, Nicola Chow, said: “The aviation day was a huge success with students enjoying different elements of the airport and airline processes. It was a good insight for the students into dealing with the different types of passengers that they might encounter in a real airport.”

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