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Media make-up students take on casualty effects!

Our Level 3 Media Makeup students have been working on theatrical and special effects makeup. They have recently been set a ‘casualty effects’ project where they are asked to write their own dramatic story. After writing the story, they will bring a character in the story to life using their makeup skills to create a striking image.

Two of our students gave examples of what they have been getting up to. Maddie explained her story: “A group of young girls are on a night out and then they get into a fight, ending up with one girl getting a black eye.”

Another one of our Media Makeup students, Emily, said: “In my story a girl is coming home from a party and tragically gets run over by a car. I’m using makeup to visually present the injuries she would have sustained in real life.”

These are just some of the stories that the students have come up with.

Each student will have a fellow student to work on using different shades and effects of makeup to express their story. Some of the effects used include:

Our Beauty tutors will provide the students with feedback, allowing them to improve their work.

Beauty tutor Alberto, said: “We want our students to produce effects in their makeup that are extremely realistic. The main aim is for students to produce effects that look like a real injury from a few metres away and that are comparable to real life.”

If you’d like to study Media Make-Up: Theatrics and Special Effects, visit our Watford Open Day on Saturday 3 March from 9.30am – 1.30pm.

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 Take a look at some of our students work below.

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