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Make your Open Day visit a success

Open days are the perfect opportunity to get a feel for College life, explore the facilities, meet the tutors and to find your passion.

So what happens at an open event?

You can expect to be greeted at the door by our friendly GAP students or staff members, who will point you in the right direction. You will be provided with a prospectus, pen and a room list, which will help guide you to the subjects you want to explore.

Once you've found the course for you, head to Student Support where you can apply on the spot and enquire about additional support available, such as Learning Support, Student Finance and Careers Guidance.

Plan ahead and do some research

Check here to find out which courses are held at which of our campuses, so you’ll be able to visit the right campus if you’ve already got a particular course in mind. Think about what you want to get out of the visit. Are you deciding between Sixth Form and College? If so, what criteria are you looking for? If you’re stuck between a few subjects, what is on your check list?

Classrooms will be set up to show you what kind of activities you can look forward to doing on that course. Tutors will be on hand to talk to you and your parents about the ins and outs of the course, entry requirements, their industry experience, what the courses consist of, and progression routes.

Make sure you ask about things that could sway your decision – for example does the course include any written exams? How much of the course is practical and how much is theoretical? What will your timetable look like? Also make sure you take down the tutors’ name in case you think of any other questions when you get home.

Speak to our current students

The best people to tell you what life at College is like, are the people who do it every day! Our GAP students are ready to answer any of your questions and take you through a day in the life at West Herts College. They can give you the inside scoop on where to get the best food, the best areas to chill out in and even travel options to get to and from College.

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