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Local student invited to the Film Bunch festival

A talented West Herts College student was invited to the Film Bunch festival after producing a short film to raise awareness of his learning difficulty.

Level 3 Film and TV student Oscar Kraft, who has a Non Verbal Learning Difficulty (NVLD) which is on the Autism Spectrum, was asked to sit on a Q&A panel at the festival in Bethnal Green.

The Film Bunch showcase short films from upcoming filmmakers to improve access for deaf and hard-of-hearing people to mainstream short films.

Summing up the experience, Oscar said: “It was a fantastic experience to be a part of, was I nervous? Yes, absolutely. I do have a fear of public speaking but that wasn’t going to keep me from speaking about my work. My tutor Joe, friends and family were all supportive and they re-assured me all the way, so I’m very grateful. I’m very excited to do more of these festivals if I can, and I would love to do talks about Autism and NVLD if the opportunity ever arises.

“If you’re reading this, and you know someone with Autism or who is on the spectrum, talk to them, help them, take an interest in their lives - remember it’s harder for them to approach you than it is for you to approach them!"

Oscar used the event to network with industry film and TV makers, making contacts for future projects.

Film and TV tutor Joe Vianello, said: “I was so happy to hear that Oscar had actively engaged with a film festival in the UK's home of film and TV, London. As a student, Oscar is very capable and passionate, this is obvious with his desire to submit his film.”

You can watch Oscar’s short film below: