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Jemma Cawley - Level 2 Hair Professional Apprentice

Recently we reached out to Jemma Cawley, a Level 2 Hair Professional apprentice, currently working at a popular hair studio in St Albans called Trinder Hair Studio. We spoke to Jemma about her apprenticeship experience, here’s what she had to say.
















Tell us a bit about your current role as a Hairdressing apprentice

I am an assistant at a hair studio in St Albans called Trinder Hair Studio, my day-to-day responsibilities are very mixed, but I mainly make sure that everything in the studio is done on time, along with getting involved with colouring customers hair and washing the colour out of customers hair.


How has your apprenticeship helped you develop towards your future career?

My Apprenticeship has helped me a lot, I feel like I’ve gained more from doing this than from getting my degree. Because the studio is so busy, I get loads of experience without even thinking about it. Along with this, my managers are basically teachers so I have the chance to learn all I can at any time I want.


Do you get a lot of support from your team?

I’m lucky enough to have some great managers, we have regular 1-2-1s, team meetings every month, additionally I have the opportunity to go to the studio every Monday after I leave college and receive training on anything I want to learn. My managers want me to succeed and be like them.


Do you have any advice to anyone considering an apprenticeship?

When you do an apprenticeship, you definitely get hands on training that wouldn’t be possible without an apprenticeship, you gain an incredible amount of experience, you do so much more than just learning, I get to learn about what I’m doing while getting some practical experience, which is ideal in my industry.


We heard you made the finals of Concept Hair Magazine competition, can you tell us more about that?

2 weeks ago, I heard that I got to the final of the Concept Hair Magazine competition. The competition was around vintage retro hair styles, I chose to do an 80s hair style, I trialled a few different hair styles, my manager has been a judge for some L’Oréal competitions in the past, so they gave me some excellent support. I chose to do a Mohican, I submitted my work and heard back that I was in the final 5. On the 24 March, the final will take place where I will go on stage and complete another 80s hair style in front of the judges.