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itslearning is our online learning platform which provides students with a personalised learning experience outside of the classroom. The platform has opened up a variety of ways for our students to access course content and communicate with tutors, making it a crucial part of College life that enhances the quality of learning.

Our itslearning app enables students to learn on the go, giving them access to interactive quizzes and assessments which are hugely beneficial whilst making learning more enjoyable. Course specific resources are easily accessible at any time, making the app ideal for revision.

At West Herts College, we understand that learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom. itslearning facilitates this, allowing students to communicate with both their tutors and classmates via messaging and discussion boards. Inside the College, itslearning helps with directive learning and is a vital component of lessons.

Using video calling services such as Skype means that our students can participate in a class when they are absent due to GAP placements or sickness. As a result, our students always stay up to date with their work so that they’re prepared for all assessments and exams.

Each week, a two hour slot is allocated for itslearning. This time can be used for revision, catching up, accessing course specific resources, uploading assignments or communicating with tutors. itslearning also has information on employability, GAP, GEM and Modern Britain which helps prepare students for the world of work.

Students can access their itslearning account by clicking here.

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