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How to prepare for our Digital Open Evening

Welcome to our Digital Open Evening guide, a useful tool to help you to prepare and make the most of your evening.

1.      Register for our Digital Open Day

Click here to register to register to our Digital Open Evening and get the links to join straight to your inbox alongside all the important information about the evening.

2.      Discover our courses

You don’t need to wait until our Digital Open Evening to discover our courses. View our courses here or take a flick through our Digital Prospectus here and see which course you would like to find out more about on the evening.

3.      View our Live Event Schedule

The first thing to do is check our schedule of Live Events taking place on Wednesday here. You do not need to pre-book the talks you're interested in all you need to do is tune in on the evening by visiting our event website and clicking on the live events button.

4.      Plan your day

Before joining our Digital Open Evening, plan your evening making a note of every talk you wish to attend. This way you won't miss anything!

5.      Download Microsoft Teams

Our Live Events will be taking place on Microsoft Teams. Download the Microsoft Teams app onto your computer or phone here before the day so when you click the join event button on our Digital Open Evening site a window will automatically open and add you to the Live Event. Please note that your camera and audio will automatically be off you’ll be able to ask any of your questions via the Q&A section on the right had side of your screen.

If you don't download the Microsoft Teams app, you can still join the meeting. Please use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. When you click on the event button on our Digital Open Evening site you will be directed to a page and follow the steps below:

  1. Click ‘Watch on the web’
  2. You will then reach the 'Welcome to the live event!' screen
  3. At this stage click join anonymously
  4. This will take you into the meeting with your camera and audio off.

6.      Prepare some questions

Make notes of the things you’d like to ask ahead of the Digital Open Evening. Your questions and areas of interest can help you know which talks to go to. What’s more, preparing your questions ensures you won’t forget anything.

Our expert tutors, support staff and admissions teams are all on hand to answer all your questions, so ask us anything about our courses, college life or our application process. You can ask your questions in the live Q&A sessions in the Live Events or speak to us via the live chat or call us on 01982 812345.

7.      Find a comfortable, quiet place to tune in

Find a comfortable and quiet place to tune in on the day, you won’t be on camera so don’t worry about your setup. We can’t wait for you to see what’s in store!

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