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How to access ProPortal and your full timetable

You can now log in to ProPortal, where you can access your full timetable. Take a look down below for some help logging in to ProPortal.

How to log in to your ProPortal account and access your full timetable 

1. Activate your college account

To get access to your ProPortal account, the first thing you’ll need to do is create a password for your college email account.

Sign in to your College email by visiting the following link - CLICK HERE

You’ll need to use the following credentials to sign in;

Username: Your student ID, for example: ABC12345678 followed by

Password: Your date of birth in the following format: DDMMYYYY

You will be asked to create a new password when signing in, make sure that this is secure and you keep a note to enable you to log in again.


2. Sign in to the portal

Now you’ve activated your college account, it’s time to sign in to the student portal.

To do this visit The Student Portal at the following link - CLICK HERE

Username: Your student ID, for example ABC12345678

Password: This will be the new password you have just created for your email account.


3. Select ProPortal

Once you've signed in you simply click on the button labelled 'ProPortal'. This will redirect you to ProPortal, you may be prompted to sign in one final time with the same details from step 2

ProPortal is home to your timetable and personal details, you can update your details at any time and if there are any updates to your timetable you will view them here.


4. How to view my timetable

To view your timetable, click on the menu icon or 'Information' and select ‘Lesson timetable’ from the drop down.

You'll need to select the week commencing and click 'update' in order to view your timetable for that week.

Please make sure to check your timetable regularly for any updates.


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