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How an online College Introduction Meeting works

Once you have applied and booked your online College Introduction Meeting (CIM) we will be in touch by email with the link to join the online meeting by Microsoft Teams. 

As an attendee of a live event in Microsoft Teams, you can watch live events and participate in the Q&A. You can't share audio or video.


Watch this video for an overview of attending a live event in Teams.


Before joining your online College Introduction Meeting


How to join your online College Introduction Meeting

  1. Click the live event link in your email
  2. You can watch on the web or in Microsoft Teams App
  3. Click Sign in or select Join anonymously
  4. If the live event hasn't started, you'll see the message "The live event has not yet started."
  5. There are controls at the bottom of your screen to pause the action, adjust volume and the video quality
  6. Captions will be enabled throughout the live event


How to participate in your College Introduction Meeting

  1. Select Q&A button on the right side of the screen
  2. Type your question in the compose box, and then select Send.
  3. We will answer your questions in the Q&A session at the end


What happens after an online CIM?

Once you’ve attended your online College Introduction Meeting, you will receive an offer of a place to study with us at college. Your offer will be based on meeting the entry criteria and a satisfactory reference from your current school or college.

We’ll then keep in touch with everything you need to know about getting started at college in September.

To book your meeting please contact our admissions team on 01923 812345 or email