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Hospitality Industry Insights Month

It’s been a very busy, but exciting month for our Food and Hospitality students.

We all know deciding on a career path can be a challenge, and for many of our students they’re still unsure which path to take. Thus, we ensure all students are supported and given as much information to help them make the right choice.

‘Industry Insights Month’ was introduced to raise awareness of the wealth of career opportunities out there. Our students have been fortunate to attend activities from former West Herts College students who have gone on to succeed within the industry, employers from very successful businesses, and recruiters for jobs worldwide.  

Below is a summary of the month’s activities…

Choux Pastry Master Class

Former West Herts College student, Simon Northcott owns the very successful ChouxStopper. Simon began his adventure in September 2015 and has since created the ‘Choux Stopper truck’ - serving up the most delicious Choux a la Crème. Simon delivers master classes, which our students were lucky enough to experience! Students learnt how to cook with different types of pastries, experimented with different ingredients and the best part of all… taste them!















Yummy Jobs – Employment Seminar

Yummy Jobs recruit for jobs around the world, primarily within the tourism and hospitality industry. Jake and Anna, recruiters for Yummy Jobs spoke to our students about the benefits of working abroad and the different opportunities available. Working abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity socially and professionally, and definitely something for our students to think about!


Pizza Hut - Employment Seminar

How many people does it take to deliver a pizza? Susanna Cairns, recruiter for Pizza Hut met our students to share insight around the people behind the pizza, and the variety of roles that exist in Restaurant Support Centre.











Marriott Park Lane – Interview Mentoring

We all know interviews can be a daunting experience, thus we like to ensure students are fully prepared for their first ever interview. We invited Naimah, Front of House Manager and Billie, Development Manager from Marriott Hotel to mentor our students. They delivered top interview tips, reviewed students CVs and discussed the different job opportunities at Marriott.








Employment Seminar

WSET provide in-class education and qualifications to inspire and empower the world’s wine and spirts professionals. Students received a talk from a wine ambassador from the trust; he presented information on different career paths within the wine industry.

FRIMA – Professional Development Training

Here at West Herts College we are very lucky to have a FRIMA machine installed in our kitchen, which students can use in lessons. This multi-functional machine can be used for a wide variety of cooking methods, such as, boiling, frying, steaming and much more.
Darren Brinn – a highly experience chef and trainer for FRIMA visits the college regularly, delivering training sessions to our students. These training sessions allow students to gain invaluable experience working with the machine, that can be used in future employment.










Elite Hotels - Employment Seminar

Paul Coley from Elite hotels came in to talk to the second year Hospitality and Events Management students giving them information about the 22 month training program that they run across their hotels.

Concord Hotels -
Employment Seminar

Concord hotels are a management training company that operate in a variety of hotels.  Recruitment officer, Glen Harrison explained to our students how the program works, he focused on the success of the program and how students can progress to high levels.
The program consists of four six month long placements, each in a different hotel focusing on reception and front desk, kitchen, food service, and beverage service. On completion of the program a high volume or trainees have gone on to become managers in the hotels.

Richard Marrett – General Manager at St Michaels Hotel

Richard firstly spoke to students about his career and how he progressed to General Manager at St Michaels Hotel. Secondly he spoke about the importance of customer service and how to deliver high quality customer care. Lastly he spoke about the ways the hotel he is running is diversifying their business practices to maximise customer use of the property.


Countryside Alliance – Professional Development Training

Lee Maycock, National Chairman for the Craft Guild of Chefs visited West Herts College in January with a wide selection of feathered game. He talked at length about different types of birds, their seasons and the habitat where they live. He then did a demonstration of how to remove feathers and clean the birds.
















The world really is your oyster!

Feeling inspired? If you’re interested in a career within the Hospitality and Events industry, you can explore our courses here.

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