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Higher Apprenticeships

Advanced Level and Higher Apprenticeships can significantly benefit both the employer and apprentice

Research shows that the benefits of an Apprenticeship considerably outweigh the costs of training. Amounts vary between sectors, but benefits for the employer can include: 

For the individual benefits include

Quality and Satisfaction

Ensuring the quality of the Apprenticeship is paramount, and employers can be reassured that Apprenticeship qualifications are developed in association with employers and experienced professionals to ensure that they represent the reality of the requirements of the role.

Higher Apprenticeships

Higher Apprenticeships are a great alternative to university, offering qualifications up to degree level, no tuition fees and the opportunity to earn while you learn.

Higher Apprentices typically split their time between college and the workplace. As with other apprenticeships they are employed throughout and the cost of the fees are shared between government and their employer.

The Benefits

Higher Apprenticeships at levels 4 and 5 are equivalent to a foundation degree and above.

Higher Apprenticeships offer a work-based learning programme and lead to the following nationally recognised qualifications:

Level 4 and 5, equivalent to a higher education certificate, higher education diploma or a foundation degree.

The number of Higher Apprenticeships that can be studied at level 4 and above is continuously growing, representing hundreds of job roles.

Degree Apprenticeships

Degree Apprenticeships are designed by industry to bring together the very best in higher and vocational education. Apprentices achieve a full Bachelors (level 6) or Masters (level 7) degree as a core component of the apprenticeship. Degree Apprenticeships will test academic learning, as well as wider skills and ability to do a job. Apprentices will be assessed either using a fully-integrated degree co-designed by employers and higher education institutions, or using a degree plus a separate end-test of professional competence.

Watch the video below for Emerode's story, a West Herts College Apprentice!