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Hempstead Road Studio unveils new photography infinity cove

Last week, Hempstead Road Studio launched their brand-new photography studio featuring a cyclorama background.

Hempstead Road Studio began as a way to provide a creative environment for musicians based in Hertfordshire and North London and has been developed from the existing facilities at West Herts College.

This additional photography space, which also features professional lighting equipment, re-touching booths, tethering station, a cyclorama background and a still life table, will be free for students to use. It will also be open for freelance photographers to book.

West Herts College was joined by four local photographers Gavin Watson, Neil McCarty, John Nassari and Matthew Finn on the night, who helped unveil the new space to the public.

Brett Clarke, Head of Art and Design at West Herts College said: “This photography studio is important for us because it allows our students to get real life experiences. They will meet people in the industry and use professional facilities and equipment.

“This is all part of the vision that we’ve got for West Herts College students to be employable and ready for work from the day they leave college.”

He added: “It’s also a great way to help local freelance photographers in the community, Hertfordshire and North London hasn’t had an affordable studio that people can access before and we hope people will utilise the studio.”

To book the new photography space, please e-mail and use the subject line ‘Photography Studio booking’.

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