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Getting the most out of online learning

It is important to remember that while working remotely you will continue to develop the skills you need to progress to your next step. So here’s our guide to help you get the most out of your remote learning.

Get Ready

To get the most out of your session, plan ahead. Get your kit and equipment set up, be ready to take notes.

Study space
If possible, have a designated study space. Somewhere you can concentrate free from other distractions. Try to find a space where there is a plain background. Don’t forget you can also blur your background on Microsoft Teams.

Silence devices
Make sure you silence your phone and any other devices. Set your workspace up to give you the best chance of success.

Be respectful

It is very important that you show your fellow students and tutors the same respect you would in person.

Just because you’re studying from home it is still just as important to be on time for your lesson or meeting. If you can’t attend a session, make sure you let your tutor know in advance.

Make sure you’re still using appropriate language with each other. Concentrate on the session, don’t get distracted or distract other students.

Dress as you would for college. You can’t mean business if you’re still in your pyjamas!

Be responsible while online, stay safe and look out for others. Remember the College has an Acceptable Use Policy – this still applies.

Complete your assignments to deadline. Stay in touch with classmates and let your tutor know if there’s something you’re not sure about or need help with – your teachers will be happy to help you outside lessons and you can also get help from members of Student Support teams. Make sure you take a screen break. Give your eyes a rest, and stay active.

Most importantly, if you need help ask for it.

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