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GAP - Work Experience

GAP is a fresh take on work experience, West Herts College has teamed up with local employers to give you vital, first-hand experience helping towards securing a job once you have finished your studies.


Why is GAP important?

Furthering your education after your GCSEs is important for helping you develop the skills needed for your eventual chosen career path. However, today’s job market is an incredibly competitive one and employers are looking for more than just a qualification, they are looking for confident people with experience of a working environment. Through GAP you’ll get a massive boost to your CV which will be key when it comes to finding that first job!

How does it work?

At West Herts College we’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with reputable employers, who are looking to help develop young people by giving you the opportunity to learn new skills. All of our students have access to our GAP website, which lists our full range of opportunities, giving you plenty of choice to develop your skills. Work experience should be an adventure wherever you go and we’re here to help you get as much as possible out of your time.

What do our students think of GAP?

Your first job can be slightly daunting, but thanks to GAP you’ll be confident in knowing what the exactly what the working world is like. Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our students think:

Alyshia Black, a media studies student had the chance to work at the Mark Webber ‘Youth Cyclist Challenge’.

At first I didn’t really understand what GAP had to offer, but it was really good! I enjoyed working as part of a team and meeting new people. I even got a selfie with Mark Webber!

Michael Upham, a business student decided to gain experience through the college itself.

When I started with West Herts College I was really shy. Through GAP I’ve spent a lot of time helping visitors and students, I’ve learnt to network and to believe in myself. I feel that I am now breaking through my barriers.

George Moss spent time working at Nascot Wood School helping with art projects and he loved it!

I have younger brothers – this GAP placement reminded me of making a mess with them. I spent a lot of the time just trying not to get paint on me - It was great fun and I had to think on my feet a lot!” 

It's not just the students who are excited by GAP here's what Ofsted have to say.

Ofsted - Good Practice (GAP)

Want to find out more about GAP in person? Why not book a place at our upcoming Open Days. Click here to book and you'll receive a free drink when you arrive.  


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