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Gap Spotlight: Engineering students work with Engie

Three Level 3 Engineering students took part in a six week gap placement with leading energy and services company Engie. Taking place at the Watford site, second year students Monica Callan, Jake Anwar and Lydia Selley got some hands on experience in the construction industry.

Lydia Selley said: “The course we’re studying at college is great. I jumped at the chance to have a change of scenery and to see things from a practical aspect. It’s really helping to make the course content come to life.”

Providing a real insight into the different aspects of construction the students alternated between spending their time with three site managers and ENGIE’s Resident Liaison Officer (RLO), Patricia Sheering.

Monica Callan said: “It’s been really interesting working with Patricia and seeing how involved the role of an RLO is. It’s given me a better understanding of the personal aspect of construction and how important it is to communicate with residents and keep them informed. I’ve learnt some key customer service skills and how to build a good rapport. Patricia has been amazing, and this experience has really helped to build my confidence.”

The students attended Engie for a full day every Tuesday for six weeks as part of Engies Social Value Plan for Watford Community Housing.

Jake Anwar said: “I’ve tried so many things already, from general office tasks to working with Paul Edward, the Site Manager, and spending time with the roofers and scaffolders. I’m looking forward to going out with the RLO next week and seeing that side of things.”

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