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GAP is a fresh take on work experience, West Herts College has teamed up with local employers to give vital, first-hand experience helping towards securing a job once students have finished their studies.

Why is GAP important?

Further education after GCSEs is important for helping students develop the skills needed for an eventual chosen career path. However, today’s job market is an incredibly competitive one and employers are looking for more than just a qualification, they are looking for confident people with experience of a working environment. Through GAP our students get a massive boost to their CV which will be key when it comes to finding that first job!

How does it work?

At West Herts College we’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with reputable employers, who are looking to help develop young people by giving our students the opportunity to learn new skills. All of our students have access to our GAP website, which lists our full range of opportunities, giving everyone plenty of choice to develop their skills and core competencies. Work experience should be an adventure wherever you go and we’re here to help our students get as much as possible out of their time.

Could you give work experience to our students? Please call 01923 812427 or email


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