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Filling in your UCAS application

It’s time to make your UCAS application. For students who would like to progress to Higher Education at the end of this academic year it is now time to complete your application online.

We are here to help our students throughout the UCAS application process. Students should link their application to the College and complete and pay for their application by Monday 9 January 2023 our internal student deadline.

Follow the steps below to find out how you can make the application process as smooth as possible.



1. Getting Started

Once you have decided that university is the next step for you, you will need to create an account on UCAS.

Create a UCAS Account

You will need to create a UCAS Hub account to complete your application.

Click here to create your UCAS account.

State that you are interested in an 'Undergraduate' level of study.


Link your application to the college

You must link your application to West Herts College by entering the college buzzword.

Buzzword: Westherts2023

The buzzword is a unique code set by your school, college or centre.

By linking your application to the college, you are permitting the college to view and track your application. This is crucial as this will allow your tutors to complete your student reference and proof your personal statement.


2. Filling in your application

Now you have created your account, the next step is to fill out all the sections on the application form. You do not have to complete your UCAS application in one sitting, you can save your progress and continue where you have left off at a later date.


Key information you will need to know:

ULN (Unique Learner Number) and BTEC Registration Number: All West Herts College students have been emailed these details. If you do not have these details, please contact your TPA tutor.

Student Support Arrangements: This will be your county/local authority - (e.g. Hertfordshire/Buckinghamshire/Greater London etc).

Centre details: West Herts College (centre number) 40132

Contact and residency details: Make sure your email address is always up-to-date – so you don’t miss important updates on your application.

Work experience



University choices

Finance and funding.


3. Personal statement

This is the only section you have full control over. This is where you get to shine and sell yourself to universities. Displaying your passion for the subject area you are applying for.

Your personal statement must be between 1,000 and 4,000 characters. We recommend that you start in Microsoft Word and then copy and paste it into your application - as the UCAS application does not have spell check!

Click here for more information on Personal Statements.


4. Submitting the application

Once you have completed your application, it’s time to submit your application.

Please ask your TPA tutor or the GAP team to check before you send!

You can pay for your application online via card on the UCAS website. The application fee for 2023 entry is £22.50 for a single choice, or £27 for more than one choice.


We are always here to help! Speak to a member of the Careers and Education Team (GAP) at your campus and they will happily help you get your application started and completed. They can read over your application and give pointers on your personal statement.


Click here to access additional UCAS support via CANVAS.

Click here to access the UCAS Hub for further support with your application.