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English and maths

Improve your English and maths and not only will you have skills for life, you’ll have the qualifications to make a difference when applying for a job or place at university.

Young people are now required to continue studying English and maths, but here at West Herts College we’re determined to think about things differently and we’re changing the way we all use words and numbers.

We call it GEM

GEM is a new way of learning English and maths. It’s special to West Herts College and we’ve got big ambitions for it. We want GEM to make a real difference to how we all use words and numbers. That’s why we’ve set up a brand new team of GEM tutors. Each of them specialises in English or maths and it’s their job to bring these essential subjects to life.

Your GEM programme will be personal to you. If you have GCSE passes (that’s grades A*- C) we’ll build GEM around your main course of study, enhancing your existing skills and developing new ones. If you haven’t yet achieved a GCSE pass in English and/or maths you’ll take GEM classes and work towards resitting your GCSE exams.  

Whatever route you take it will be a whole new way of learning. GEM is all about getting the skills you need to get on – here at college and in life.

Want to find out more?

If you have any questions or want to find out more about continuing your English and maths skills at the College, call us on 01923 812345 and we’ll be happy to help.