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Engineering Students complete STEM Ambassador Induction

Three West Herts College students Sammi Leigh-Lewis, Jo Pullen, and Jack Fisher received their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Ambassador induction training last week from educational charity Setpoint Hertfordshire, alongside two staff members from the company RES. As STEM Ambassadors, they will volunteer as inspiring role models for young people, helping them to see STEM subjects and careers with a fresh perspective, and engage them in new ways.

This opportunity became available to the students through the College’s partnership with RES, one of the world’s leading renewable energy companies. With schools regularly visiting Res’ Head Office to learn about renewable energy and visit the wind turbine at the site, it was decided to split the visits with West Herts College’s Kings Langley campus. At the Kings Langley, our students will run STEM activities, engaging the school children and encouraging them to view problems in a practical way, helping them to develop their interpersonal and team working skills.

Sandie Taylor from Res said of the opportunity: “I was delighted that these students were able to attend the induction to become STEM Ambassadors. I would love to see more students take up this opportunity.”

Becoming a STEM Ambassador promises to help Sammi, Jo and Jack when applying for jobs and university places, as well give them transferable skills learned through teaching younger students, with Sammi saying: “I’m looking forward to the challenges and responsibility that will come from being a STEM Ambasador.”