Meet Millie Burke, a recent graduate of the Digital Illustration and Animation course.

Having always had a fascination for animation, Millie was keen to translate her creative ideas and stories into art on the Digital Illustration and Animation course.

The course provided Millie with the freedom to explore different mediums and truly understand the industry she wanted to start a career in. Millie particularly enjoyed the open assignments and discussions surrounding animation, as this allowed her to turn concepts into fully fledged animations.

During the course, Millie was able to develop her confidence, thus improving the quality of her work. The tutors offered a lot of advice based on their own experiences and skills, allowing Millie to leave the course with a greater understanding of what it takes to succeed in industry.

Millie’s hard work led her to Arts University Bournemouth, where she has recently completed her first year studying Animation Production, which she described as: “one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!” Once she has completed her degree, Millie intends to spend a year abroad travelling and drawing, before starting an industry placement in 2D animation or visual development.

Reflecting upon her experience, Millie praised her tutors for encouraging her to go to university. Her advice to others considering the same path is: “continue to explore in every way that you can, and don’t be afraid to vocalise your ideas!”

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