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College tutor sews scrubs to help support NHS workers

West Herts College tutor supports the NHS by making scrubs for local hospitals and care homes.

Nicola, who teaches Sewing, Textiles and Dressmaking at our Hemel Hempstead campus, is volunteering her spare time to make medical clothing.

Nicola said: “I saw online that a nurse had made a plea for more scrubs for her hospital. She only had one set and was washing, drying and ironing them every night for work the next day.”

“I found the website set up to help the cause – For The Love of Scrubs. This had more details about how people could help.”

“I found a pattern on there and thought, yes, this is something I can get involved with!”

Nicola started with 25 metres of fabric and got to work! So far, she has produced eight full sets of scrubs and two additional surgical tops.

She added: “It’s great to be able to help. There’s not much else I could have done, I can’t go out and help in a hospital, so I’m pleased to be able to use my sewing to do my bit.”

To find out more about how you can get involved in supporting the NHS click here.