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College students visit Tanzania

College students Bethany Kircher and Hayley Stephens, who are both studying Health and Social Care, recently visited Tanzania as part of a placement to support Morogoro Regional Hospital.

Bethany and Hayley spent two weeks observing and supporting nurses and midwives, during this period they had two mentors who helped them with their work, allowed them to observe labour and explained all of the procedures to them. The students were involved in discussions with both doctors and patients, they learned about complications that can occur during pregnancy and labour.

Throughout the time spent in the hospital, they were able to watch and support 8 natural births and 5 c-sections, this included twins being born and a baby born in the breach position. The students also had some time to visit a local orphanage and meet many children there, as well as visiting the locals who taught them how to carve wooden ornaments.

This experience was a truly fascinating one for our students, Hayley and Bethany thoroughly enjoyed this once-in-a-lifetime experience that has taught them a lot about the profession that they want to get into.

(Hayley Stephens, left, Bethany Kircher, right.)