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Clearing 2021


At West Herts College we know that students have been working hard on their studies this year. We have a flexible approach to all of our Higher Education students, so we may still be able to offer you a place even if your results were lower than the 32 UCAS points required. Click here to explore our courses.

We’ll consider your predicted grades and previous experience to ensure that you are supported to progress on a course that matches your ambitions, if you’d like to discuss your results with us in more detail then please give us a call and our team will be happy to help.

If you've found a course and are looking to secure your place, all you need to do is complete our short Clearing Form by registering below. We'll then be in touch to answer any questions you may have and get your place secured in time for September.




So, what is clearing?
Clearing is the way in which students can find a degree-level course even after collecting their results. If you’re thinking about applying to West Herts College through clearing, we have a variety of courses that may interest you. Click here to explore our courses.

You can use clearing if:
• You’re applying after collecting your results
• You didn’t receive any offers, or changed your mind on the courses you applied to
• You didn’t meet the conditions of your offers

If you haven’t already applied, you need to register on the UCAS website and make an application. You can apply for our courses using clearing from 10 August until 25 October, as long as you’re not currently holding an offer from another University or College. If you have any questions about the clearing process or the courses we offer, you can contact us directly on 01923 812345.







Online self-release
If you have applied through UCAS, you have more control over your application. You do not need to contact your university or college in order to be released into clearing. Instead, you have the power to do this yourselves. The process of online self-release is simple, although it does include a number of warnings to ensure applicants understand the decision they are making, which are as follows:

• Sign into Track, click the ‘Decline my place’ button
• You are then taken to a page which will explain the decision you are making, before confirming this decision
• Finally, you will receive an email confirming you have entered clearing

For more information regarding online self-release you can visit the UCAS website, or check out this video: