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Chelsie Hanafan - Plumbing Apprentice

We recently spoke to Chelsie Hanafan, a Level 3 Plumbing apprentice, currently working at West Herts Gas. Chelsie has been an employee at West Herts Gas for almost 4 years and is approaching the end of her apprenticeship. We spoke to Chelsie about undertaking her apprenticeship, here’s what she had to say.
















Tell us a bit about your current role as an Apprentice Plumber

I’m in the final year of my Level 3 Plumbing apprenticeship, my main responsibilities are around gas engineering and plumbing. A normal day for me is incredibly mixed, it can be anything from gas engineering jobs like boiler servicing and installing boilers to plumbing jobs where I’m working on bathrooms, fixing taps and toilets, etc.


How has your apprenticeship helped you develop towards your future career?

I think it is a good mix to be going to college and being on a site, as both have given me great experience and knowledge of the industry - I’m glad I have this industry experience. Along with this I have gained incredible amounts of confidence, not just in my ability to do my job but my confidence in general has shot up.


Do you get a lot of support from your team?

I get all the support you need; everyone is incredibly helpful and supporting. It makes a difference to have such a kind manager and colleagues.


Do you have any advice to anyone considering an apprenticeship?

I can just say definitely do it, I was a bit hesitant beforehand but that was purely because I was a female going into an industry that is quite dominated by men, so I was a bit nervous and unsure, but looking back at it I’m really glad that I did it and I’m sad that it’s coming to an end soon.


Has your apprenticeship helped you understand your career prospects?

Yes, doing an apprenticeship has really helped me to map out what career path I want to go down. It has shown me that I want to be a Service Engineer, where I would be servicing boilers and undertaking gas checks for landlords. I’m not sure if I would’ve made this same decision if I didn’t do my apprenticeship.